We impact the South African economy one life at a time through continuous work ready education from learnerships to tertiary. Our desire is to provide dynamic skills development programmes and build capacity in our South African employee base.

This is why we get up in the morning and why we passionately drive our training programmes, attracting a broad spectrum of learners from South Africa’s largest retail groups, and now the services sector.

Our training programmes range from:

  • Learners starting out on our NQF1 12-month learnerships and improving their skills up until NQF 5,
  • Supervisors and middle managers for our specialised middle management programmes – entry level supervisors to junior managers.
  • Our well known management action programme (MAP), which is a hands on programme aimed at retail executives, and which equips them with their own store specific map to guide their store to success
  • Senior executives given the edge on our state-of-the-art leadership training course.

Our training programmes are fully accredited by the Wholesale and Retail SETA and the Services SETA in South Africa.

RelatED began its journey servicing South Africa’s retail industry.  In the past 10 years, we have successfully trained over 8700 learners, equipped 3742 senior managers, and impacted over 35 retail groups within 250 communities throughout South Africa.

Our training has had enormous impact.

  • We have an average retention rate of 84% . This means 84% of our learners complete their qualification and the full 12 months’ experience in stores.
  • In one year we achieved a 100 % attendance to all the theoretical interventions.
  • Young people from the poorest areas in SA have seen the opportunities on how to “make poverty history”.
  • RelatED assisted and procured funding for 16 young learners to continue their studies at UJ to complete a three-year Retail Diploma.
  • Over 3000 managers have attended our interventions and due to the overwhelming success and tangible results our clients have continued to run these programmes throughout their business units.
  • Our Rural Youth projects are complement the requirements stipulated in the National Development Plan, assisting with skills development, creating value and minimising unemployment.
  • Massive support and co-operation from community leaders and school principals.
  • 67% of our young attendees are female.
  • Most of our graduates are promoted to managerial positions.

With our eyes firmly fixed on growing the South African economy, we realized we needed to offer our training courses to other industry sectors as well.  Today we are a fully accredited training provider to the Services SETA.  This means that we can offer training to sectors such as:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Food and Catering
  • Hospitality
  • Tourism

These industries constitute some of the largest sectors of our economy and directly impact the consumer. What has been achieved in the retail sector can be replicated in these service industries.