Since the start of our journey, we have paid extra attention to developing meaningful relationships with leaders, educational institutions and small business owners of the communities that we intend to positively impact.  We are steadfast in our mission to upskill community workers, parents and school leavers with relevant and in-demand skills. As we do this we change families, we grow the economic power of communities and in so doing we impact the nation.

  • Rural and Cooperatives Development: We develop partnerships with rural and previously underprivileged communities. We aim to empower unemployed youths, graduates, small businesses and cooperatives.
  • Rural Community Development:  Together with our stakeholders, our aim is to equip rural communities to become active participants of the economy through sustainable job creation and to retain young people in their communities.
  • Community Retail Development Programme (CRDP):  We are equipped and have seen success in training entrepreneurs and unemployed graduates in various municipalities.
  • The Rural Areas and Traditional Councils:  We partner with local chiefs, community leaders, school leaders and local businesses to see children and youth from deep rural areas benefit from our training. 
  • TVET Colleges: Assist with finding workplace experience for the young people who have completed the academic qualification