This programme focuses on management and delivery of learnership programmes, particularly in rural areas.

In line with the National Development Plan 2030, the programme is aimed at assisting youth with skills development, creating value, and minimising unemployment.

Practical experience and retail application is provided in real working stores. 17 recognised retailers provide access to more than 4000 retail stores for work experience opportunities.

NQF 1: General Education and Training Certificate: Adult Basic Education and Training:  71751

The course covers over 28 functional modules such as:

  • Self-development
  • Effective work place participation
  • Business plan development
  • Personal budgeting
  • Listening and speaking interactions
  • Identity within the community and society

NQF 2: National Certificate: Wholesale and Retail Operations 58206


This certificate addresses skills and competencies for enabling entry-level employment and positions. The qualifying learner will have access to opportunities for further development and training in specialised areas of wholesale and retail such as:

  • Operations
  • Administration
  • Merchandising
  • Stock control
  • Customer service
  • Visual display merchandising
  • Help desk operations


NQF 2: National Certificate: Wholesale and Retail Distribution 49280


The purpose of this certificate is to equip learners to understand and acquaint themselves with the underlying principles of all of the major areas related to distribution within the wholesale and retail sector and includes the following components:

  • Wholesale,
  • Distribution or
  • Mail order retail
  • Increase productivity
  • Applications in other business environments

NQF 3:  National Certificate: Wholesale and Retail Operations 63409

This qualification serves as the second in the wholesale and retail operations learning pathway and provides a basis for further learning. Workplace succession planning can be achieved.

The operational process includes;

  • Ordering stock
  • Receiving
  • Dispatching
  • Stock control
  • Cash control,
  • Sales and marketing and displaying
  • Responsible credit promotion
  • Perishable foods preparation
  • Sales and display
  • Running an informal small business.

NQF 4: National Certificate: Wholesale and Retail Operations Supervision 49397

This qualification is a further step in a learning pathway that underpins a career in the wholesale and retail arena and helps the progression for a career path within an organisation.

This qualification is rooted in actual practice and the learner is expected to be part of a public or private organisation and/or company operating in the area.

The certificate will form part of a learning pathway that currently stretches from NQF Levels 2 to 5. This pathway will culminate in a qualification at NQF Level 5 with the prospect of a management position within an organisation.

The purpose of this Certificate qualification is to equip learners to:

  • understand and acquaint themselves with the principles of supervision and team leadership within the Wholesale & Retail sector
  • to provide career paths with associated learnerships through various levels and areas of the wholesale and retail environment.
  • Be able to correctly implement prescribed policies, procedures and activities.

The Certificate thus aims to build capacity and improve skills at lower management level in the Wholesale and Retail sector thus ensuring the development of competence and increased service delivery in this field.