A change in name is not a change of heart

Leigh Blochlinger, founder Retail Relate

Training is a challenging business. We’re reliant on different industry stakeholders, straightened by tight regulations, and often confronted by systems that work against the best interests of our learners.  But if that were all that the business was about, we wouldn’t be here.

Vision is what drives us, motivates us and enthuses us - vision to impact individual lives and from that, families, communities, industries and a country as a whole.  We are South African to the core and impassioned by the people potential that lies at the heart of this beautiful country.

If you change a life, you change a country.

Start with impact in mind

When we started Retail Relate, our aim was to seek out youngsters with potential – some drawn from the remotest parts of the country and to give them an opportunity to change their lives and circumstances.  This was always far more than vocational, We aimed, through our training interventions, for them to see potential and possibility within themselves so that when their 12-month learnership ended, they would know without a shadow of doubt that progression and growth was the only way forward.  We’ve applied this philosophy to all our training programmes, whether they are aimed at learners, supervisors, store managers or senior executives.

This is our  “Relate-ability”.  Relate by name and relate by nature.  We’re convinced this has set us apart as a training provider to the retail industry.

To date, we have trained over 8700 learners, equipped over 3742 managers from over 35 different retail groups and impacted over 250 communities throughout South Africa. All this, in the retail sector alone.  We could not have achieved this, without our team of now 50 stalwart professionals, who are the embodiment of passion, dedication and commitment.  To them, I give my heartfelt thanks and appreciation.

Wider Vision

Now our vision is set further afield.  With full accreditation by the Services SETA, we can apply the same programmes and principals to a vast range of industry sectors including food and catering, hospitality and tourism.  We are also in negotiations with a prominent group of educators, which will enable us to provide tertiary level qualifications. Hence the new name RelatED. Same business, same heart only bigger.

We look forward to sharing our vision and renewed passion over the coming weeks to all our stakeholders and customers who have supported us over the years.  I remain convinced that by working together we can change our amazing country and create a better future for those lives we impact.