Teaching, coaching, stimulation and debate around management issues such as procedures, team communication, performance and planning. These courses assist store team members who have practical experience but require or desire ‘on paper’ qualifications to progress corporately.

Training for this offering is aimed at a management level NQF 5.

Two levels of management training are offered:

  • Junior Retail Management
  • Aimed at trainee managers, supervisors and HR personnel
  • This course is designed to ensure understanding and application of retail concepts principals.
  • Senior Retail Management
  • Aimed at store or regional managers
  • The training incorporates MAP - Management Action Plans.
  • Using RelatED expertise and insight into developing a store specific action plan.

The Skills Programme NQF 5 - Team Management covers the following three modules and is integrated into the Operations programme: Team Management

  • Build teams to achieve goals and objectives
  • Use communication techniques effectively
  • Monitor and evaluate team members against performance standards

The Skills Programme NQF 5 – Operations - Retail Manager covers the following three modules:

  • Manage stockholding procedures
  • Manage shrinkage and losses
  • Manage procedures that increase the net income

We also offer the NQF 5 full qualification which covers both the SAQA Generic Management subjects including wholesale and retail electives.

  • National Certificate: Generic Management: Wholesale and Retail
    • Communication skills
    • Planning
    • Leadership skills
    • People management
    • Retail specific modules
    • Financial and risk management