RelatED develops South African leaders who will in turn develop their country into an ambitious economic contributor.

We impact the South African economy one life at a time.

Our commitment to train and educate learners and senior executives through continuous work ready education from internships to tertiary level has proven fruitful and effective these last 10 years.

We are a fully accredited training provider with the Wholesale & Retail SETA and Services SETAs. Although Gauteng based, we have a national infrastructure and also focus on skilling and educating young entrepreneurs who aspire to open their own businesses.

Our Core Business Focus is in the following divisions:

  • Management and Leadership Skills.
  • Generic Retail Skills Development.
  • Capacity Building and Job Creation.
  • A Youth Division focusing on the Management and Delivery of Learnership Programmes.

The Wholesale and Retail sector of the South African economy alone contributes an estimated 4% of our GDP. We believe that as we grow this sector and its effectiveness, we grow our people and our nation.

A vast majority of our work and focus happens within the rural communities, partnering with local chiefs, leaders and business communities to develop a strong, committed work force. We create employment opportunities for local rural inhabitants and train them to earn an income and provide for their families within their own society.

We are extending our arm into the hospitality and catering industries.

Establishing ourselves as a preferred training provider, our research demonstrates that an overwhelming percentage of learners who complete our training courses are promoted within their working spheres in the year following their training.